Down With It!

What do you mean: ‘Down with it!’?

DownWithIt! will be be about jazz and the music of Black America.  I listen and love a wide-range of music but an early appreciation of Junior Walker through Grover Washington to Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Blue Note and Pharoah Sanders has represented a brilliant journey over the years.

Like the two sides of vinyl records, the original format for much that I will be writing about, the title of this blog flags up two underlying intentions:-

DownWithIt! will:-

Recognise what I consider to be important and too good to overlook.  Valuing the things that push forward and go beyond the commonplace.  Listening to musicians who entertain and amaze with new, exciting and sometimes challenging sounds.

Of course, ‘Down with it’ is perhaps more commonly used in the UK to indicate disapproval.  So I will also be saying:-

Down with ignorance, intolerance, narrow-mindedness and the rubbish that holds us back!

Given the blog’s title, there is really only recording to start with.  Over to Blue Mitchell


One thought on “Down With It!

  1. Respect fella I'm in. I've come across your site while blissing out on a shuffle mix of Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and a dash of Joe Henderson. Lovin' it. Discovered tonight that I could have walked down to Ronnie Scotts to see Pharoah just a few weeks ago. But, hey, love is everywhere!


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