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Pop-up Jazz

The BBC, in a groundbreaking partnership with Jazz FM, is launching a pop-up Jazz radio station which will be broadcasted during the London Jazz Festival from Thursday 12 November until midnight on Sunday 15 November.

It will be available on digital radios and via BBC iPlayer.

Although it is a very short experiment, it is a welcome opportunity to showcase Jazz and we at downwithit hope that it is a great success.


One Year Old:

This website is now one year old.

The first posting on was published on 19 September 2014.

In the last year the site has been visited 4097 times by visitors from 67 countries. 1867 visits have been from UK web addresses, followed by 1070 hits from US visitors. 99 visits have been made from Brazil, while there has only been 1 visit from each of New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan and nobody has looked in from Jamaica or Iceland yet!

39 albums have been reviewed and these have included 6 newly released sets by artists who are currently active.

15 live gigs have been reported on (with a couple of Pharoah Sanders US gigs that I couldn’t get to also being mentioned).

The most rewarding strands involved finding out more about Freddie Roach and starting to write about current live and recorded music. I’ve particularly enjoyed gigs at East Side Jazz Club, where I’ve seen some superb musicianship from world-class performers and it has been great that Steve Williamson has made a very welcome re-appearance on live stages.

Bringing things right up to date, last week the first meeting of Macc Record Club took place and you can read about this excellent fresh initiative here.

Over the next year I intend to continue as before and I hope you all continue to visit.

Comments are very welcome and the one surprise is that there have been very few- so dont’t be shy. I’m sure some of what I write about provokes a reaction- so please feel free to react.

Onward to the autumn and winter of 2014.


Marching on

Spring has arrived here in the UK. It is a time for looking forward and I have been thinking about how to improve downwithit for you.

I’ll continue to look back at classic recording sessions and bring you reviews and tasters of music that I am listening to. There are so many recordings I want to have my tuppence worth about.

Lots of artists are making great music directly traceable to the same DNA pool that the great jazz of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s emerged from (and trying to catch your attention while trying to make a living). Current music needs our support, so I will also try to take a look at one current artist every month (the first CD has already arrived and I will be listening closely during the coming week so I can tell you about it).

Live performances will also be reviewed from time to time as I aim to try to see more live jazz in 2014. Certainly the post about last Thursday’s Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Ellis gig has attracted loads of visits. I will probably be writing about Robin McKelle’s new album before Easter.

The search for more information about Freddie Roach resulted in a guest article from Pete Fallico. I am hopeful that he will be kind enough to agree to allow me to bring you a further piece very shortly.

downwithit has now been visited by close to 900 individual visitors and I hope that you are enjoying what you find here.

A quick look at other review-centred blogs suggests that communication tends to be one-way- but comments are very welcome here at downwithit and would add another dimension. Don’t be shy. It doesn’t matter if you have been listening to the music for years or if it is new to you- please feel free to contribute, correct, criticise or congratulate (subject matter starting with any of the 25 letters of the alphabet other than ‘c’ can also be sent). A brand new, just out of the box lets you to add a simple thumbs up or thumbs down to each and every post from now on (2/3/14).

Blue Note Records are celebrating their 75th anniversary later this month and as a part of that they have announced a major reissue programme. Five albums from their catalogue will be released each month for the foreseeable future (the first 100 have been selected already). I will be really keen to find out if the vinyl LPs sound as good as the original first pressings and I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that score.

So, come back here to downwithit often, let me know what you think, listen to more music, see more live performances and perhaps even start your own blog.