Ed Jones live at East Side Jazz Club. 17 June 2014

Last night’s performance by Ed Jones at East Side Jazz Club was just what I wanted the jazz doctor to prescribe for me.

There are times when only a good robust tenor saxophone led performance will do and that was what Jones had on offer last night. He is a very experienced British musician who has played with a fair dusting of American aces including George Benson, Dr Lonnie Smith, Horace Silver, Dianne Reeves and Charles Earland.

Things were underway before I arrived and I listened to two uptempo numbers before a ballad took me somewhere else. After that, a rendition of Miles Davis’s Solar led me to imagine warm French sun on my back and the excellent Jonathan Gee’s piano was a real treat on this one too.

The second set after a short interval started with Without A Song. I’ve since discovered that there is a version by Joe Henderson, sadly on a set I haven’t got yet, which will represent another call on my funds. Tonight’s rendition showcased the all round talents of the quartet which also featured Ben Hazelton on double bass and the ever present but always on the beat (except when purposely playing off the beat) Clive Fenner. If Clive isn’t actually an authority on French wine, at the very least he spins a good tale about it.

All Or Nothing At All was next up before a heady dose of Coltrane influenced fireworks led into a superb version of Body And Soul.

Needing to get away a little early, I left as Ed Jones was praising the acoustics of the room and launching into a final number that I couldn’t stay behind to hear.

A very enjoyable performance rates a solid 7/10 on the downwithit Clapometer and I’ll definitely be looking out for these performers in the future.