Pharoah Sanders Live at Yoshi’s: 3rd January 2014

A couple of recent posts here concerned the great Pharoah Sanders, saxophonist supreme.

I wrote about his upcoming New Year gigs at Yoshi’s in Oakland CA and how I would have liked to have been there.

No surprises. I didn’t win the UK Lottery and Agent Millions from the Premium Bonds didn’t knock on my door. So I didn’t get there- but what better way to while away a lunch break in Brixton than by googling to see if there were any reviews. I found this one:-

Pharoah Sanders Live at Yoshi’s 3 January 2014

I think you will agree it is a great endorsement from a newcomer to Pharoah’s music. Well played Dakin Hardwick for going to the gig with an adventurous spirit! I wish I had been there too.