’s fiendish New Years day Quiz

Welcome to my New Year’s day Quiz- compiling it kept my busy while the chicken cooked and the boxed set of Downton Abbey played and played and played downstairs. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.

1/ Why did trombonist JJ Johnson initially refuse to record for Impulse! at Rudy Van Gelder’s New Jersey studio?


2/ What is the tenuous link between Dr Lonnie Smith’s ‘Think’ and tenor sax player Harold Vick?


3/ Mark Twain wrote:- “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Which of the following did not pass away in 2013?


4/ The Hammond organ had its competitors, notably organs produced by?


5/ Living in a house alongside no less than 306 cats, devoted friend of both Thelonious Monk and of Charlie Parker who died in her New York apartment. But who was this woman?


6/ Jimmy Smith released a great many albums but which of the following is not known to be part of his catalogue?


7/ Which American movie actor directed the film Bird and has a son who is a jazz artist?


8/ In May 1976 Donald Byrd made the album entitled Caricatures, which was released on Blue Note. The track Dance Band featured the great Motown bass player who played on numerous hit records. His name was?


9/ The record producer Bob Thiele was a key figure at Impulse! Records in the 60’s. He composed songs with Buddy Holly but scored financially when he co-wrote:-


10/ In 1966 Sonny Rollins released the soundtrack to a feature film. Which one was it?