Welcome to the story so far

As 2013 comes to a close, a quick review of progress so far seems appropriate. went live on 19th September 2013- just over 3 months ago.

Since then I’ve posted 25 items. Of these, 12 have looked at specific albums, evenly split 6 + 6 between vinyl and CD.

My attempt to uncover some new information on Freddie Roach has resulted in FR being the only artist, so far, to have more than one album discussed here (I’ve looked at 3 by FR so far). Sadly, no new information has emerged yet.

Lead instruments on the 12 albums are tenor saxophone (4) and Hammond organ (4, although there are those within earshot of my hi fi who would claim that I play ‘that b*^*d* harpsichord thing’ to the exclusion of all else. Not true!). Trumpet (2), guitar (1) and piano (1) make up the remainder, although there was left field action from jazz tambourine when I paid a visit to The Texas Twister, Don Wilkerson.

I’ve offered up two quizzes, looked at one book (by Phyl Garland) and commented on 5 live performances.

As of this morning I’ve had 706 visits from all over the world. On one red letter day I received 28 visits. Most visitors are obviously either shy, in awe of the power of my prose, think that I have contributed nothing new or just can’t be bothered. So there are not many comments here yet.

I had been intending to look at Yusef Lateef’s excellent and interesting The Blue Yusef Lateef next, but sadly, he passed away just before Christmas. Here’s the set opener anyway courtesy Kanemusi1 on YouTube:-

To hear the clip, click on or touch the arrow. Try and check out Othelia from the same album too, especially if you like seriously gritty Barrelhouse blues (I think I’ll dedicate it to you Meirion).

Remember, all comments are very welcome.

Onwards to 2014!


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