downwithit November Quiz

Another quiz, for fun, edification and self-improvement.

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My November Quiz. No prizes- just the joy of taking part- although if you get any answers right feel free to reward yourself.

I bought an interesting LP from Kingbee Records in the Deep South (of Manchester). The title is New Grass. It is by Albert…?


Discussions between John Coltrane and Blue Note label boss Alfred Lion ended before an agreement could be penned because…?
John Coltrane, however, returned to make the incredible Blue Train, so all was not lost.


Don Wilkerson’s first album was entitled?


I’m currently listening to an album by Pete La Roca. It is called…?


Pharoah Sanders is so called because?


How many hands on the clock face on the cover of Eric Dolphy’s Out to Lunch?


Joni Mitchell worked with and named an album after…?


Rudy Van Gelder’s studios where so many great jazz sessions were recorded were located in…?


The mighty B3 Hammond Organ is often teamed with …… speakers?


Which of the following has never released a version of Hi Heel Sneakers?