A short quiz- Are YOU DownWithIt!

All of the answers are on this site. Find out how many of the 10 questions you get right.

No prizes but if you score…

10/10. Reward yourself with a near mint first pressing of Blue Mitchell’s ‘Down With It!’

7-9. Track down and buy yourself a copy of Don Wilkerson’s ‘Preach Brother’

4-6. Get yourself The Incredible Jimmy Smith’s ‘Home Cookin’ on CD

0-3. Purchase and listen to ‘Kind of Blue’, ‘Blue Train’ and ‘The Sidewinder’ and come back here for daily detention.

A short fun test to see what you have picked up from the Downwithit site.

Which founder member of The Jazz Crusaders leads the current touring band?


What is the name of Nile Rodgers 1959 Fender Stratocaster guitar?


The most extraordinary track closes Side 2 of Freddie Roach’s ‘Soul Book’. What is its title?


Who played tenor sax on ‘Six Pieces of Silver?’


How did drummer Donald Bailey travel to the 1959 Newport Jazz Festival?


Which American TV series opened with The Dirty Dozen Brass Band taking part in the first ‘Second Line’ parade after a disastrous flood?


Who played the vibes on ‘Mode For Joe’?


Blue Mitchell’s ‘Down With It!’ Features a track which mentions a civil rights march. What is the name of the track?


Who wrote the sleeve notes for Blue Mitchell’s ‘Down With It’ LP?


Which of the following is credited on this site as a highly respected influence?