Nile Rodgers and ‘The Hitmaker’ are reunited

Although DownWithIt is primarily about jazz, if you look at Influences- Respect due you will read that I was encouraged to start this blog up after hearing Nile Rodgers speak about his life while he was publicising his recent biography.

Nile has played on most of his compositions on his 1959 Fender Stratocaster guitar, which is aptly dubbed ‘The Hitmaker’ because of the many, many great records he has made with it.

Earlier this week, while distracted and in a rush, he left it on a train. We’ve all been there and experienced that icy cold feeling after losing that manuscript, that laptop, that ticket to Man United away! You should read about his nightmare and its happy ending here.

I’m delighted that you recovered ‘The Hitmaker’ Nile.